Wednesday, November 22, 2006

MUSIC : Reunion Studio releases Yvek

Well, it's an oldie, but it seems to have its fans, and as such Yvek has been granted an mp3 release over at Reunion Studios.

It's a site that offers lots of electro tunes, produced in a variety of packages (I spotted some Impulse Tracker tunes in there - that takes me back!) all for free. Well worth a snoop!

Yvek was produced about three years ago, in Reason 1 of all packages, as a B-Side to Self Help (the tune which eventually made its way onto the ASAP Uplifting Album - download that, and all the other albums here) and features a plethora of Star Trek samples as well as some old skool game-style synth jazz-noodling.



Friday, November 10, 2006


I'm not exactly au fait with this new fangled technology known as RSS feeds. Someone at work set up something called the RSS Owl for me, but all I use it for is a cheap joke about turning my owl on. But anyway.

Behold - Abandoned Sheep's RSS feed! You can use this in some way I expect. It's now got its own link over there on the right, along with links to my MySpace page and my Flickr page. Enjoy!