Friday, December 05, 2008

COMMUNITY : nervous_testpilot Mirror's Edge remix

nervous_testpilot has produced a remix of Mirror's Edge's theme song "Still Alive" for a remix competition.

Here's details about it : Still Alive - Lisa Miskovsky - nervous_testpilot's soundtrack mix

If you like it, and you want it to be heard by EA then if you could favourite the mix on JamGlue that'd be ace. It involves signing up to the site, but it's free and seems quite nifty.

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Monday, December 01, 2008

MUSIC : Mixsets streaming

I've just uploaded all of the mixsets I've completed so far to Soundcloud. You can stream or download them, and the streaming versions have pop-up timed tracklisting info, so you can pinpoint and skip past the awful Scatman cutup I did in the 2004 Dr.AwkwArD mix.

Binster/Dr.AwkwArD mixsets on Soundcloud

Also, if you scroll the page down a bit and look in the right hand column, you'll find all the mixsets, along with all my other stuff, in little streaming widget thingies.