Monday, June 30, 2014

VIDEO : "Contemporary" by DREAMTRAK

By day, I animate robots punching each other. By night, I make beeps go beep. Somehow in between (so I guess around tea time) I made this colourful music video for DREAMTRAK's latest single, Contemporary.

DREAMTRAK did sterling work on mastering the Broken Lighthouse Initiative EP and his band Trademark's new album just came out (about which I recently waxed lyrical). Snaffle his single NOW!

For those interested in the tech stuff, the video was created in Blender using a plugin that responded to sound to drive a lot (though not all) of the motion of the shapes, which were white objects on black backgrounds that were used as alpha channels to drive hue shifts and brightness and stuff. The Blender scene had a bit of a messy noodle graph by the end.

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