Monday, July 25, 2005


Truck festival is over for another year. ASAP performed (in matching tshirts) with a little help from MC Angry Anderson performing the rap on Turtle Power. We had 8 people on stage this year, which must be a record.

Musical highlights were Zea (with dancing weirdo on keys) MC Lars, Tony Vegas, Mesaplex (a cover of Van Gelis' Blade Runner!) Trademark, Piney Gir (good singing from PC), nervous_tespilot (big shame we couldn't hear the final track, but such a good gig 's no biggie...) and more besides that I can't remember at the mo.

Photos are now online in my Flickr photo album, and if you have pics please add them to the Truckfest photo pool.


Monday, July 11, 2005

COMMUNITY: New nervous_testpilot stuff

nervous_testpilot has just put his new EP up for preorder. It's chock full of top class trancey stuff from the game he's being doing the soundtrack for, called Determinance.

It also includes Sonic Boom, his collaboration with Trademark and ASAP electro fiend Oli Horton. Dynamite!