Sunday, September 13, 2015

COMMUNITY : SuperByte Festival 2015 was predictably incredible

That was one heck of a weekend.

From the open mic madness on Thursday evening to the impromptu 3am chiptune street party on Sunday morning, SuperByte Festival was an experience I'll never forget.

I met so many of my idols from the world of bit music, I put so many faces to names from my archive of listened-to-death MP3s, I made so many new friends.

Without exception, every act who performed over the weekend was a treat. Each successive live set brought something new and they all left the stage to a cheering crowd hungry for more. SuperByte was a nineteen course banquet of chips.

I thank Adi and everyone at SuperByte for allowing me to set the bar as the opening act, and it was a pleasure to see everyone else clear that bar with such ease.

My memories of the weekend include :

Story time with Mega Ran as the audience sat on the floor in reverence
Gasman on the open stage and his blistering keytar version of Run With Us from the Raccoons
Oliotronix' cat-head astronaut based shenanigans
Trinity Lo Fi's frankly terrifying monkey competition
Rymdkraft reducing grown men to tears with his Gummi Bears cover
Mizkai's stage invasion
cTrix's SNES versus Genesis - a war in which everybody wins
Futurist-political discussions with Trinity Lo Fi and Galaxy Wolf over boiled duck eggs
4am burger hunting with Danimal Cannon, cTrix and 2xAA

But most of all my memories are of a community of the nicest, most supportive and friendly people I have ever met. This scene is one of harmony, and I'm not just talking square waves.

I look forward to seeing you all again at future events!

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