Friday, March 18, 2005

MUSIC: Old Tracks Online

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Alongside posting Yvek (an archaic-sounding old track which has a certain charm), I've reordered and added to the Music Links at the side. Now you'll find some of the older tracks I've contributed to the ASAP albums over the years, and a link to the (ahem) world famous Dirty mix.


Sunday, March 06, 2005

MUSIC: Elegant Deadly Precise

Some breezy electro-breaks with euphoric bizniz for you...

Features vocal samples from System Shock 2, and a guitar loop from Jolene by Dolly Parton. This track is one of my personal favourites.


Wednesday, March 02, 2005

MUSIC: Mario Dirty Mix

Click me for live mario goodness!

Eet's a-me! Mario! Well, Binst really. But this page is concerning the ubiquitus plumbulator. Let's take a journey...

A journey back in time, way back to April of 2002. A Scholar, A Physican, A RichBRF, A Nervous Testpilot and A I got together and decided to embark upon a Chinese Remix - mix a song, pass it along, chinese whispers with beats basically. The tune we decided to mangle was Super Mario Brothers' main piece.

So just how does one make a chinese remix? Well, for a start one cannot. But more than one can. And thus the meeting of minds was called together. The tune began life with Rich - who parped a little bit of big brass band sounds into the original theme. Then messrs Scholar and Physician got their hands on it - one providing "wild, wild beats" (quote unquote DJ Pretzel) and one providing sample magic and, uh, small boy natter. This was passed on to yours truly, who added some parsley style sprigs of sample magic (and the middle electro breakdown). This formed the basis of the Dirty Mix - the one you may have heard before.

Nervous Testpilot likes to destroy things. Destroy them in intricate aural ways. And this is what he did to the mix. To have a listen to this, go to his homepage at

Anyway, the Dirty Mix was sent off to DJ Pretzel, he put it up online and it was well received. Then, a while after all this, it became known to us (the remixers) that a feller called Mortis had made a flash movie using the Dirty Mix as the basis. The fruits of his labour were The Super Mario Blitz. This was, at the start of February, sent to, a big depository of flash movies and stuff. Since then, the movie was viewed by 180,000 and reviewed by around 700 people. Which was a bit of a surprise.

And if you want to see what it looks like when it's done live, then check out the following link.

Mario Dirty Mix Live


Tuesday, March 01, 2005

MUSIC: Blue Wizard is about to Die

My latest mix is now available at, as well as at in a slightly different mix.

This compliments Icon (ocr mix and vgmix mix) and LiquidX (ocr mix and vgmix mix).


MUSIC: Burn (Fire Escape Mix)

Collaborative remix of a Trademark track, by richBRF and myself.


PHOTO: Photo album online

My photos.

Enjoy. There are some good ones in there.


GENERAL: The bloggening commences.

I've given in to peer pressure and decided to make my website a blogsite.

So, anyway, time to post some interesting links and whatnot.