Saturday, April 26, 2014

MUSIC : Playblast Podcast Theme

Happy New Year! Also, Happy Easter, Chinese New Year, Burns Night, St. George's Day and April Fools Day (plus the rest)!

I've been busy for a while on various projects. One of those projects has just come to fruition - it's a theme tune for a podcast!

The podcast in question is Playblast Podcast, which covers all manner of pop culture (movies, music, TV, games). Give it a listen!

Playblast Podcast

Here's the theme in isolation :

I still have another couple of projects in the oven, and last time I stuck my knife in it came out gooey so I think they need a little longer before I announce them. Meantime, keep your eyes on Frozen Endzone to see some of my non-musical output (I make the robots punch each other).

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