Thursday, December 05, 2013

MUSIC : One With Everything

Although I use to update you all on my musical endeavours, my profession in life is an animator in the games industry.

Last year I started working with Mode 7 Games on their new game, and this year I became a full time member of the studio.

The game in question is Frozen Endzone and it was made available to pre-order today (with immediate access to the beta). People have been playing the game all day and streaming on sites like twitch and it seems to be going down a storm. Hurrah!

To celebrate this, I've decided to kick off a sale on my bandcamp store. You can get any album or EP for £1 (down from £4 for albums and £2 for EPs) from now until sometime on Sunday evening.

Not only that, but I've just added a complete works of Binster thing, which I already have pangs of embarrassment over calling "One With Everything". It includes all the tracks from my two albums and EPS, plus the tracks I solo produced for the _ensnare_ collaboration album "Binary Opposition", and an old .mpegasus album from approximately 9 years ago.

Now is the perfect time to get the complete works of Binster! Tell your friends and et cetera!

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