Tuesday, July 16, 2013

MUSIC : New .mpegasus album "Quixotica" released!

At the end of 2011, under the name .mpegasus I collaborated with _ensnare_ on a chiptune/fakebit album which you can hear over here. It was a lot of fun, so once I had finished the Broken Lighthouse Initiative EP I started work on an .mpegasus album proper.

Many months later, it is done! A 10 track bouncey-thing of an album, I hope you enjoy it.

To celebrate its release, the new album will cost £3 (normally £4, so that's 25% off), and I've dropped the price of everthing else on bandcamp to £1. The live albums are still free, of course.

Here's the set on bandcamp :

And here's the album in its entirety on youtube, with a clickable tracklist :

Hope you all enjoy it!

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