Sunday, February 24, 2013

MIXSET : Upbeat and Downbeat Game Mixes

While work continues on the new .mpegasus album (solo follow up to the _ensnare_ collaboration "Binary Opposition") I thought I'd have a break and do a couple of game-music mixsets.

So here they are.

First up is an upbeat collection - jaunty melodies, chiptune magic, all sorts of fun.

.mpegasus - Upbeat Game Mix 2013 by Binster (Aka Dr.Awkward) on Mixcloud

Download link

Then there's a downbeat collection - soundscapes, sombre tunes, the works.

.mpegasus - Downbeat Game Mix 2013 by Binster (Aka Dr.Awkward) on Mixcloud

Download link

They're each about an hour in length, so should help the odd train journey pass pleasantly.

Here are the tracklistings, with links to the some of the games and musicians featured :

Upbeat :

01 Super Mario Bros (Dirty Mix) By Koji Kondo (Proud to have been a part of this remix)
02 Space Debris (Rochard) By Markus Captain Kaarlonen
03 Human Installation (Inferno) By Alien Sex Fiend (There's depressingly little gameplay footage on youtube, so this will have to suffice)
04 Freon World (Shatter) By Module
05 Hundred Forty Billion (PixelJunk Shooter) By High Frequency Bandwidth
06 Synthetic Chill (Hell Yeah! Curse Of The Dead Rabbit) By Sylvain Hellio
07 Sidk Fnck By Trash80 (Excellent thumping melodic chiptune business)
08 Pushing Onwards (VVVVVV) By SoulEye
09 Focus (Super Hexagon) By Chipzel
10 Surfing On A Sinewave By Fearofdark (Like a proto Tim Follin, throwing out melodies like they ain't no thing)
11 MEOW By Anamanaguchi
12 Troll Physics By .mpegasus (More .mpegasus music coming soon!)
13 Yummy (Mighty Switch Force) By Jake Kaufman
14 Cobalt (My Little Blue Friend bigGIANTcircles remix) By Anosou
15 Guitar Sound (Sequence) By Ronald Jenkees
16 Vib Ribbon Blues By Vibri

Downbeat :

01 The Unfinished Swan By Joel Corelitz
02 Island Reflections (Ecco Defender Of The Future) By Tim Follin (he is an absolute genius. Just thought you should know.)
03 Angel Flavor's Present By Katamari Damacy
04 Prison Astral Theme (Ghosthunter) By Martin Rex (This was the first game I worked on as an animator, by the way)
05 Heal (ICO) By Michiru Ooshima (Buy it! On PS3! With the equally excellent Shadow Of The Colossus!)
06 Ki-No-Ko (Silent Hill 2) By Akira Yamaoka (Don't buy this one on PS3! The HD remake is awful, as the linked video shows. Buy a PS2 and play it old skool!)
07 Among Plants By Mosaik (The most soothing electronic tones around)
08 Ops 2 (System Shock 2) By Eric Brosius (A stone cold classic, that feels fresh even 13 years on.)
09 Summoning By Elysis (Found this track ("Summoning") randomly in the late 90s at University. Loved it ever since)
10 Sync/Glitch (Fez) By Disasterpeace
11 Concentrate (Frozen Synapse) By nervous_testpilot
12 Collapse (ICO) By Michiru Ooshima
13 Ascension (Dear Esther) By Jessica Curry
14 I Was Born For This (Journey) By Austin Wintory

Now, back to the album...

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