Sunday, October 28, 2007

MUSIC : Steve's Lament

A new tune for your ears!

This one was started off as a background music piece for a friend of mine (called Steve) which went a bit too melodic for him to use, but I decided to name it after him all the same.

It's being released via Reunion Studios, a free netlabel through which I previously released Yvek. It's a lovely melodic one, plinky and chorally and all that.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

This track is amazing. Very melodic, very laid back. My friend Kevin told me about this track. He says you will be big in '08. I agree but if you aren't, I'll still be back to check out these tunes. And the fact that you "enjoy cats" just tops it all off.

13/11/07 08:55  
Blogger Binster said...

Cheers Ron! Don't worry, I only "enjoy cats" if they consent... ;)

14/11/07 17:48  

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