Tuesday, July 03, 2007

GENERAL : July 2007 update

I have returned from the Isle of Wight festival intact, so you can all stop worrying now. I got photos a plenty, but haven't got around to getting them off the camera yet.

The weekend was ace, but the festival wasn't as good as it could be - maybe I've been spoiled by Glasto and the Big Chill, but a festival with only one stage and where you have to buy drinks tokens to get drinks seems a bit... odd. Ah well, Big Chill's but a few short weeks away.

In the interim, I've got a follow up track to So Angry on the go which will hopefully be done soonish. This stuff I've been doing recently is seemingly not fitting quite so nicely with my older stuff, so that leads me to believe it will belong on the second album, which of course begs the response...

"...second album? But where's the first one?"

Where indeed?...



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