Monday, August 25, 2008

MUSIC : Realism on Soundcloud

I'm setting some stuff up on SoundCloud at the mo.

Binster on SoundCloud

Therein you'll find a smattering of tracks from "Abandoned", plus "So Angry" and a new track, which isn't quite final yet, called "Realism". In fact, let's try embedding it...

That seems to work :)

Go there, have a listen, enjoy, and feel free to drop music that you think I'd like to hear into my drop box.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Binster,

I always pop back to your page now and then to see whats happening tune-wise and happy to see a new tune. Absolutely loving this one. When can i buy it> :) would love to put it in a Kukoo Wasp mix.

Ur fan, Jim.

21/11/08 15:35  

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