Wednesday, July 12, 2006

MUSIC : Survival Instinct

A new tune, all kinds of breaksy and electro as usual.

Survival Instinct, released on Re:Connect Recordings

Featuring samples from Air's "Alone in Kyoto" and the movie "Leprechaun In The Hood", which is absolutely appauling and can only be a justified purchase if found in Poundland. As a double feature.

Anyway, enjoy.



Blogger nervous_testpilot said...

I really need a copy of Leprechaun in the Hood. A recent trip to The Works in Oxford failed to come up with anything apart from a couple of cheap early 80's "militia in the jungle" type-movies. Need more terrible films...

13/7/06 15:58  
Blogger Binster said...

It's wonderful. I'll let you borrow it - remind me to bring it to truck.

20/7/06 13:18  

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