Wednesday, May 10, 2006

MUSIC : Producer Showcase Mix

Woo! On Friday evening just gone, over on NuSkoolBreaks Radio P-Dub from AWE Soundsystem played a half hour mix of my tunes, which I did in Cool Edit for them.

Here's the discussion thread
The show archive's gone, but...'s the 30 minute mix!

Here's the tracklisting of my mix.

1) Abandoned Petrol Station (Welcome Breaks Mix)
2) The Diplomat (4303 Long Mix)
3) The Guards Have Found A Dead Ninja
4) Shatner's Basson
5) Ghouls and Ghosts Poltergeist Mix (Remix of Tim Follin)
6) Mister Stay Puft (Work in progress)
7) Closed-Eyed Astronomy

Cheers to everyone who tuned in, and big thanks to P-Dub for giving me this opportunity :)



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