Tuesday, December 28, 2010

MUSIC : Christmas Lights

An old school treat for you all, and a Christmassy one at that.

Over at Reuniverse.org my old ASAP Skew track I'm Turning The Christmas Lights On In Dis is up for free download.

Produced under the pseudonym of ".mpegasus" and adhering to the rules of the made-up genre of Skew (140bpm, 3/4 time, 808 drums and square waves only) it's a bouncy little number of beepy fun. Oh, and the title was suggested by Carl Warner, who took it from one of the more banal statements made by co-host of local news program Look East, Stewart White as he revealed that he would be engaging the illuminations of a local town - misspelt in the song title for your enjoyment. Yes, really.

So download and enjoy! That link again :

.mpegasus - I'm Turning The Christmas Lights On In Dis - Free Download @ reuniverse.org.

Merry Ecksmas!

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